For Professionals

Extend therapy beyond the clinic and deliver personalised, engaging and co-ordinated care.

The neumind platform helps Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Support workers; anyone who is delivering neuropsychological rehabilitation. Get Started to find out how we can help you provide best-in-class support for your trust, service or clients.

Evidence-based and recommended

Smartphone technology is an effective way to deliver compensatory interventions for memory, attention and executive functioning difficulties. This is recommended by the International Cognitive (INCOG, 2023) guidelines to support cognitive impairment, and as the primary strategy for memory impairment.

Evidence-based and recommended

We put your clients first

The neumind platform has been co-developed with patients, carers and professionals working in neuropsychlogical rehabilitation. The features and design have been created based on rigorous, peer-reviewed research.

We put your clients first

Enhance and extend the care you provide

We want to make it easy for clincians to introduce bespoke compensatory technology to clients, to link in with informal caregivers, and collaborate with them. The neumind platform includes an easy to use management dashboard that gives the clinician oversight of each clients' app. For those receiving rehabilitation the neumind app is a personalised lifelong companion to reinforce compensatory strategies and ease any transitions between services or discharge from services to the community.

neumind app

For patients and caregivers
  • Tools to support cognition and independence
  • Personalised strategies and education in their pocket
  • Connect, educate, and co-ordinate family and carers

Clinical Dashboard

For professionals
  • Deliver and reinforce therapies outside the clinic
  • Streamline clinical processes and reduce admin time
  • Monitor progress and get real-time data and insights

Build a bespoke compensatory tool with each client

We have tools to help with difficulties with prospective memory, retrospective memory, attention, executive functioning, fatigue and motivation. There is an in-app community, neuro-education courses for clients and family members and strategies to support planning and developing routines. Together with clients you can choose the tools that will best support individuals in their recovery.

Build a bespoke compensatory tool with each client

Our Focus Areas

Bespoke brain injury education for clients Icon

Bespoke brain injury education for clients

In-app neuro-education for helping clients to understand brain injury. information can be uploaded in addition to our own courses.

Community Icon


We have an opt-in moderated community forum of app users.

Connections Icon


Carers can stay in the loop with rehabilitation. Help ease service discharge and transitions between services.

Guided Cognitive Strategies Icon

Guided Cognitive Strategies

In-app strategies for overcoming executive functioning, attention, motivation, planning and memory difficulties.

Prospective Memory Icon

Prospective Memory

How neumind can support delivery of prospective memory based therapies.

Rehabilitation Outcome Tracking Icon

Rehabilitation Outcome Tracking

Track key rehabilitation outcomes with neumind.

Retrospective Memory Icon

Retrospective Memory

How neumind can support delivery of retrospective memory based therapies.

Wellbeing and values-driven goal attainment Icon

Wellbeing and values-driven goal attainment

Use neumind to enhance the attainment of personalised neuro-rehabilitation goals. Help enhance positive psychology strategies that can improve wellbeing.