We’re building the most advanced and affordable long-term support system for those living with neurological injuries or conditions, as well as their family and caregivers.

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Your expertise could help us change the face of neurorehabilitation

Regardless of financial claims or long waiting lists, we believe every person should have access to quality long-term rehabilitation. If you believe this too, then help us make it happen.

Impart expert knowledge in a caring community

Share and advice on tips and strategies with our community of survivors, caregivers and other experts from all over the world.

Impart expert knowledge in a caring community

Help us create expert content

Turn your expertise and experience into content for survivors, family members and caregivers. Provide low-intensity expertise to change the course of rehabilitation.

Become a neumind specialist

Passionate about helping people on their journey of recovery? Become a neumind specialist and be matched with survivors and caregivers who need additional help in the areas you specialise in.

Become a neumind specialist

Get involved in research and pilots

Interested in participating or running research projects using neumind technology? We're all ears.