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Carers can stay in the loop with rehabilitation. Help ease service discharge and transitions between services.

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We know that the team of formal and informal caregivers around the individual makes a huge difference to their outcomes in rehabilitation.

We also know that informal caregivers and family members often feel ‘out of the loop’ regarding a person’s rehabilitation goals and strategies developed in clinical rehabilitation.

Survivors and family members have also told us that momentum in recovery is sometimes lost after discharge from more formal intensive rehabilitation to community rehabilitation or informal family care.

For these reasons we have built neumind to connect all members of a survivors care circle.

  • Add any carers to the client's group
  • Link in with the survivor and see their schedule
  • Set reminders and suggest resources

When someone is discharged from a service or starts receiving support from a different service or community support, they will be able to take neumind with them. Family members or informal caregivers will be able to keep their accounts that are connected to their loved ones. They can continue to access and modify their strategies and help reinforce them. Any professionals providing care from a new service can link in too, facilitating continuity of care.