There’s a long road ahead, but you are not alone.

Our products are made by survivors and caregivers, for survivors and caregivers.

Millions of people live with or care for someone with neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury or dementia. We are here to help.

Our Story

Neumind was founded by engineers and identical twin brothers, one of whom suffered a life-altering brain injury. We understand the difficult journey of recovery and know how little support is out there, from limited rehabilitation to extortionate healthcare costs.

Our Story

What we do

We combine technology, best clinical practice and a deep understanding of the people we serve to help them live more independent, fulfilling and happy lives. We also recognise the importance of family and caregivers, which is why we support and empower them in parallel to their loved-ones. We believe everyone should have access to quality, long-term neurorehabilitation and support.

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