We are building Alfred - a simple mobile app putting life-changing therapies at your fingertips.


Millions of people live with neurological conditions or injuries. Alfred helps individuals live a more functional and independent life and supports all their caregivers to help them achieve this.

Alfred uses the full extent of smartphone technology to support key cognitive functions, stimulate neural pathways and help establish behaviours and strategies that are rooted in neurorehabilitation and cognitive behavioural science.

Those who are closest to someone requiring therapy are often untrained and unsupported. Alfred is for all caregivers whether friends, family members, carers or clinicians. It gives them the tools and knowledge to deliver rehabilitation themselves and care for their loved-one in the most effective way possible.

Alfred intelligently tracks progress and adapts to increase effectiveness of therapies. It is a low-cost solution to help people with a range of neurological conditions, such as brain injury and dementia, live more independent, functional and fulfilling lives.

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