Guided Cognitive Strategies

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In-app strategies for overcoming executive functioning, attention, motivation, planning and memory difficulties.

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Cognitive strategies are key to brain injury rehabilitation. These include establishing routines, being planful, keeping notes of key information, keeping a journal or tracking fatigue. 

Strategy setting with professionals

In an ideal world people would be supported by clinicians to set up strategies based on value driven goals. When this professional input is available it can be enabled via use of the neumind app with goals, strategies, and reminders set up collaboratively between the clinician (with a professional account) and clients (with a survivor account).

Professionals can manage clients accounts via the app and/or the management dashboard. Any combination of features (reminders, notes, 'to do lists,' trackers, or journals) can be used to set up bespoke strategies that align with the individuals' values and rehabilitation goals.

Strategy setting without professionals

We know that formal support from clinicians is not always available. So we wanted to create a guided process in the app for people to create their own strategies. The app then helps establish these strategies through reminders, nudges, notes, to do lists, journals and trackers. 

One example is the ‘planning’ strategy. This prompts the user to think about what they are planning, when it is, where it is and how they will get there. Once this is entered the app then creates a reminder with these details which will prompt the user at a time they selected. 

Informal caregivers (with a carer account) can also set up strategies, add reminders and view the person's schedule meaning caregivers can play a more active role in the survivors recovery.