Retrospective Memory

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How neumind can support delivery of retrospective memory based therapies.

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Journals and trackers are retrospective memory aids that help people establish a habit of taking notes or keeping track of relevant information in their recovery (e.g. fatigue ratings and triggers), recollect what they were doing, and have learned previously, and then easily access this information again.

A key outcome of our recent collaboration with the Wolfson Outpatient Rehabilitation (WOCRS) Service at St. Georges is the need for journals and trackers. The Intensive compensatory aid training (ICAT) we observed at WOCRS places emphasis on establishing journalling and tracking as a habit and learning to use technology to review information that may otherwise be forgotten by people with memory difficulties.

This tool was inspired by SenseCam, which the linked study concludes can be used as a compensatory aid in psychotherapies relying on retrieval of emotionally salient trigger events.