Bespoke brain injury education for clients

Bespoke brain injury education for clients Icon

In-app neuro-education for helping clients to understand brain injury. information can be uploaded in addition to our own courses.

Bespoke brain injury education for clients Icon

Education about the common difficulties associated with brain injury or neurological impairment can really help individuals and their families and friends. We wanted to incorporate some key neuro-education information in the app in bite-sized chunks.

Course topics include information about memory, attention and mood (including video contributions by Prof. Jonathan Evans), fatigue, communication and motivation.

We also have survivor stories discussing some of the challenges faced by people who have contributed to the app’s development.

Many of the courses also introduce, and allow you to set, strategies that can help overcome some of the challenges described.

If you are a clinician using the clinical management dashboard, you can upload and share content that is tailored to the needs of individual clients.