Our Testimonials

The app is a lifesaver! I use neumind for reminders about medication and hospital appointments. But I also try to balance it out with fun things as well to remind me to meet friends for a coffee. I think that’s quite important as well.
Sian, Survivor
The app is helping my wife take the initiative to develop new habits.
Stephen, Husband/Caregiver
Not only does it help people to remember and carry out their plans, it allows their family, carers and health team to support them and follow their progress and helps my patients increase their independence, their confidence, and their sense of competence.
Jill Winegardner, Director of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Needs based planning, focusing efforts for recovery, helps collaborative effort among care team, inspires team effort and actualizes hope.
Calhan, Survivor
Invaluable for organising my day with regular tasks. The prompts are really useful and I gleefully tick off tasks as I complete them and the feeling is marvellous.
Antoinette, Survivor
I find it easier and more reliable than my own phone diary. I would recommend to anyone within the brain injury community as it is a very useful application.
Hannah, Survivor
“[Our client has] reported really enjoying the app and it has significantly helped his sleep schedule – we've been able to delay it quite consistently.” “I have another client who we're trialling with at the moment who is typically quite resistant to prompting and even he is engaging really well with it and is receiving the information a lot better than he would from a person.”
Giulia, Assistant Psychologist