Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Oh, what a year!

It certainly has been a year to remember and forget in equal measure. Global pandemic aside, the last year has been a busy and exciting year for us at neumind. So to round the year off, we thought we would update you with some highlights:

  1. We have welcomed a great group of first adopters onto our app Alfred. These users are helping us improve everyday, thank you!
  2. Neumind are thrilled to announce that we have won three awards this year - the UKABIF Innovation award, an award from University of Oxford's #StartedInOxford competition, and an innovation award from the UK Government (we’re not allowed to say what it is yet though...).
  3. We are excited to kickstart our research collaboration with the University of Essex that will be commencing in 2021.
  4. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Plug & Play Ventures onto the neumind team.
  5. Finally, our motivation - a few success stories from our users:

    Using Alfred, one young gentleman decided, planned and travelled to the gym all on his own - Bravo sir!

    One user has used Alfred to develop a morning routine that helps her plan her day and get more done -Take a bow!

    A clinician is asking her clients to use Alfred to help them initiate more tasks and therapies at home - That’s what we like to hear!

Looking forward to 2021

Because who isn't looking forward to a new year, here's what the founders are looking forward to:

Ellis: Welcoming new users onto Alfred, testing some of our new features with them, meeting people in person and being able to go to the pub again!

Rufus: Getting to know our users a little better, making Alfred ever more useful for everyone, and digging into the tech behind our automated therapeutic assistants.

Come support us at our demo day pitch!

We’ll be pitching alongside some of the UK’s finest social-impact start-ups as the finale of our time on the Aspect Accelerator.

When: 27th January, 5-7pm UK time
Where: Online
Register: https://hopin.com/events/asap-demo-day

And a Christmas / New Years Gift

A rare photograph of Santa:

Footage of Santa Claus himself and his Reindeer, incredible Geoff.

Rare footage from the new Home Alone movie:

Footage from the new Home Alone Movie

And, an exclusive behind-the-scenes outtakes video from a recent neumind online application.

Enjoy and may 2021 be better for us all.

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