Our Mission

Recovery is a life-long process.

Most people do not have access to neurorehabilitation. In the UK, only 30% of the total requirement is met across both the public and private health sectors. The treatments that are delivered last for several weeks only and neglects the involvement of the wider support network such as family members and carers.

Neuroplasticity describes the brain's remarkable ability to heal over time. By carrying out the right therapies, people suffering with neurological conditions or injuries have the ability to improve throughout their entire life. Combine this with learning and adopting behavioural strategies and habits that compensate for a person's cognitive impairments and truly remarkable recoveries can be achieved.

By applying the latest neurorehabilitative frameworks, principles of brain plasticity, cognitive behavioural therapy and involving entire care/support network, we believe anyone can ‚Äčimprove their happiness, independence and quality of life.

A Personal Mission.

We know about recovery. Ellis' identical twin brother Luke suffered a serious traumatic brain injury in 2012. Luke was told he would never be able to walk and talk again and embarked on his life-long journey of recovery and healing. Witnessing the huge problems faced by survivors, inaccessibility of therapy and the lack of technological aids was the motivation behind the founding of neumind. Luke has done remarkably well, he is now a member of the GB paralympic development squad and helps develop Alfred.